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Welcome to VoxOp

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Welcome to VoxOp!

We had our inaugural meeting at Northwick Park in January 2011 which was well attended. Since then the awareness and interest in VoxOp has grown rapidly.  It is clear to us that support for singers going through the upsetting experience of a vocal operation is greatly needed.

For those who have already attended a VoxOp meeting, we have created a private members area especially for existing members to log into. This will be regularly updated with details on forthcoming meetings.

Sophie, Mark & Claire

Meetings and how to attend

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How do I attend a  VoxOp meeting?

If you are a singer who is about to undergo an operation or has had an operation, you can contact us directly via email at

If you are a singing teacher or health care professional, and you would like to refer a client to VoxOp please also email us directly at

Please note: All singers attending VoxOp meetings adhere to a strict rule of confidentiality.

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