Since January of 2011 VoxOp has gained significant momentum, far more than we could ever have imagined. The past year has seen an endorsement by The Performing Rights Society and The Musicians Benevolent fund.

We are now getting direct referrals from both surgeons specialising in vocal operations and speech and language therapists. We are also delighted to announce that Claire Martin OBE has agreed to become our first ambassador. Claire is one of the UK’s leading jazz singers.

Sophie was featured in a Channel 4 series called The Food Hospital back in November. This documented Sophie’s struggle with Acid reflux and offered her advice and a diet she followed for 12 weeks to help with the problem. Acid reflux which was the main cause of  Sophie’s vocal problems that led to her own vocal operation.

We at VoxOp are discovering that Acid reflux is a major problem among singers. Here is the link to the Food Hospital website, lick on Episode 2.

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